Mixing 100% plant-based liquid food ingredients

Last modified: 2 July 2023
Mixing 100% plant-based liquid food ingredients
Mixing 100% plant-based liquid food ingredients | Photo: Poeth

Through these custom-made double-shaft continuous mixers, intensely coloured fruit, vegetables and plants are homogenised into high-quality colour solutions, so that it can be easily pumped in the following production step. Extra attention has been paid to hygiene so that cleaning can be carried out optimally and easily. Special hygienic pumps are provided at the outlet of the mixers. The mixing process was extensively tested on site beforehand, as no experience existed from the past whether the principle was feasible for this application.


The colour solutions are completely natural and 100% plant-based. They are suitable for vegetarian, vegan, kosher and halal diets. The food colourings meet modern consumer demands for transparent and clear labelling.

The mixers are equipped with four CIP spray balls for cleaning.

The ingredients are used for a wide range of foods and beverages, including applications for sweets, snacks, baked goods, dairy and savoury products.

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