Creating dustfree granules by drying + Granulating liquids

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Glatt fluidized bed spray granulation will be part of Powtech Nuernberg Virtual Talks “Processing fragile bulk materials”.

April 27, 2021: 10:00 a.m.

Register now and join the talk by Didier Schons about “Creating dust-free granules by drying and granulating liquids in just one process step”.

Powders and liquids can be granulated, coated, encapsulated, dried and functionalized by fluidized bed and spouted bed technology in only one step. Learn more about intelligent particle design to generate and functionalize powders and granules with adjustable properties.
Product properties such as freedom from dust, particle size and particle size distribution, porous or compact structure, particle density, bulk density, homogeneity, hygroscopicity, surface quality, abrasion resistance, solubility, shelf life, dosing, flowability, flow behaviour, optical attractiveness, taste or smell, release behaviour/depotting effect and others can be specifically influenced in this way.

Get more information and find out about the possibilities for applications for finals products and ingredients or supplements. Leran about the advantages of granules compared to powders whether as for sweeteners, salts, texturizing agents, yeast, minerals, trace elements, lactose, starch, polymers, phosphonates, stabilizers, proteins, plant extracts, instant products such as tea, cocoa, coffee, spice mixtures, soups, fertilizers, pesticides, technical salts, detergent components, cleaning agents, and so many others. Encapsulation of flavors, enzymes, vitamins, microorganisms, probiotics or fatty acids (PUFA) is just as possible as encapsulation of essential oils and other active, sensitive and volatile substances to be protected.

Lecture and discussion in English language.

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