World Biofuels Markets 2013 in port of Rotterdam

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
Article image of: World Biofuels Markets 2013 in port of Rotterdam

The World Biofuels Markets, the largest annual congress and exhibition in the biofuels and biochemicals industry, will be held in Rotterdam.

From the 12th till the 14th of March, 1500 guests from all over the world will share innovative insights and business ideas on biochemicals and biofuels. The biobased industry is growing rapidly. The world is shifting towards a greener and more sustainable economy in which biotechnology plays an important role. The Port of Rotterdam is a global leading hub and production center for biochemicals, bioenergy and biofuels, integrating all aspects in a biobased cluster. With the upcoming World Biofuels Markets event, Port of Rotterdam underlines the urge for more bio based integration.

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