Wear parts for Wenger extruders

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Our partner Extruder Experts expands its portfolio with extruder wear parts for Wenger single-screw extruders TX 85; TX 144; X165 and X 185.
In addition to Wenger, Extruder Experts has for many years been manufacturing extruder wear parts for the Food & Feed industry for twin screw extruders such as Baker Perkins, Werner & Pfleiderer, Coperion, Clextral, Bühler, Feddem and Zeppelin.
All screw elements are manufactured according to our own material advice.

The optimal use of wear-resistant parts in your extruder is essential for excellent performance. Wear and tear of extruder housings and screws due to abrasion or corrosion should be postponed as much as possible. Excessive wear and risk of breakage of elements and shafts is greatly reduced while maintaining pressure build-up and mixing of your extruder for longer at attractive purchase costs.

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