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Exclusive Agent in Belgium and Netherlands for :

Brabender Technologie GmbH & Co KG
25 years cooperation and specialist in Volumetric feeding, Gravimetric feeding, Screwfeeders, Vibratoryfeeders, Weighbeltfeeders, FlexWall feeders. Feeding of powders, pellets, fibers, reworks, flakes. Made in Germany

Extruder Experts GmbH & Co KG
Extruder Experts belongs to the leading providers of products and services of Extruder technology. Combining specialist‘s broad wealth of experience with most recent technologies and innovative processes in order to meet our challenges and to satisfy our customer’s requirements.

Supplier of special machinery for the plastics producing and plastics processing industry. Underwater pelletizing systems, pellet & bulk material dryers, air pelletizing systems, screen changers

Bay Plastics Machinery
Pioneer in manufacturing, sales and service of pelletizing technology. Complete line of strand pelletizers, conveyors, water baths, air knives/strand dewatering units and spare parts. Among our services: rotor sharpening, rebuild/repair, technical support and testing.

Inspection Technologies
continuous in-line vision inspection and sorting of pellets (detection of black specks, size, tails, discoloration). The system is small in size, easy for line integration, easy for operation, and at an affordable price. 

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Bay Plastics Machinery

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ECON, underwater_pelletizing_systems, air_pelletizing_systems, pellet_drying_systems, screen_changers, pyrolysis_furnaces

Extruder Experts

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