Extruder Experts continues to invest in quality and precision

Last modified: 2 October 2023
advanced 3D coordinate measuring machine for precision
advanced 3D coordinate measuring machine for precision | Photo: SPS | Solids Process Solutions

Extruder Experts, a leader in twin-screw extruder wear parts, prioritizes quality through rigorous processes and advanced 3D measurement for precision.

Since the start in 2006, our partner Extruder Experts has been continuously and successfully working towards its position as a leading manufacturer and service provider for wear parts of twin-screw extruders, constantly striving for perfection in the world of extrusion technology.

Unmatched Quality Assurance

Quality is central to Extruder Experts. The company has implemented a strict quality management process that includes every phase of the production cycle, from concept development to production, assembly, and disassembly. This process ensures that every product meets the highest standards for precision and durability.

The Power of 3D Coordinate Measurement

A crucial element in Extruder Experts’ production process is the advanced 3D coordinate measuring machine. This technological powerhouse enables the company to measure and inspect every manufactured extruder component with unparalleled precision. Furthermore, the machine has the capability to measure shafts for torsion and deflection, making Extruder Experts’ products excel in accuracy.

Rigorous Quality Inspection

Only after each component has undergone a thorough quality inspection is it released for shipment to customers. This stringent quality assurance clearly distinguishes Extruder Experts from its competitors in the extrusion technology industry.

A Step Ahead in Modernization Extruder

Experts continually strives to improve its quality assurance processes and always stay ahead in modernizing the sector. This dedication ensures that customers can rely on products of the highest quality that can be seamlessly installed in their extruders.

Choose Extruder Experts and experience unmatched precision for yourself. Contact us today to discover how we can meet your extrusion technology needs.

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