Swiss made sizing system for cut food

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Mechanically cutting of natural products such as carrots, kohlrabi, cucumbers, but also of cheese or meat products produces shorter bits, which are not very appealing in a pack-age. For that reason, the shorter bits should be sorted before packing.
The Siftomat food is the ideal machine to carry out such sizing. The Siftomat food is a variant of the Siftomat plansifter, specially adapted to the conditions of the food pro-cessing industry and to its specific applications and is a successfully established product in the market.
Basically, the Siftomat food is a horizontally vibrating square-shaped plansifter. The product transfer is only due to the vibration of the sieve and to inclination of the later in the direction of the sifter output. The product, such as carrot sticks, moves gently over a perforated sheet. Shorter bits whose half lengths are smaller than the diameter of the sheet perforations fall through the sifter and are discarded. The longer bits move over the perforated sheet to the good product outlet. As the vibrating movement contains no verti-cal component the sticks are transported lying flat and cannot fall through the sheet per-forations. The slow and harmonious sieve movement has not only a positive effect on the sifting precision, it is also product friendly and quiet.
The sifter is completely made in stainless steel. Changing the sieve is carried out by hand, within one minute, in a few steps and without any tooling. Cleaning is performed quickly and efficiently. The machine is mobile and must not be bolted to the floor. It can there-fore be driven directly by a pallet truck to the point of use.

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