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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Roger Bracewell, owner of GA Pet Food Partners in England, wishes to be able to guarantee that the produced petfood contains the exact prescribed recipe. To achieve that contamination-free production is imperative. Since the company works with almost 400 ingredients and over 800 different formulas, far-reaching changes were required, as well as joining forces by different professionals.

An impressive factory expansion, realised by ground-breaking collaboration. This is probably the best way to describe the expansion at GA Pet Food Partners in Bretherton, Lancashire (England). The British private label manufacturer was facing a capacity issue for its storage of raw materials and wanted to improve the exploitation of the capacity of the three extrusion lines. At the same time Roger Bracewell, the company owner, wanted to have full control over the tracking and tracing of the raw materials within the plant. He wants to be able to guarantee that the food produced contains the exact prescribed recipe. This requires a contamination-free production. “This whole thing exacted a major change at this customer”, says Dirk Zoontjens of KSE. “Mainly because he has an annual operation of 600,000 manual weighings, nearly 400 ingredients over 800 different formulas that increase and change continuously. These are quite unusual numbers for a pet food manufacturer.” There was a lot involved to make everything traceable within the plant.

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