Pottery Direct expands production capacity

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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With more than 40 years of experience, Pottery Direct is a specialist in producing and importing ceramic flower pots. An innovative company with a deep-rooted history in ceramics and clay, it proudly combines age-old traditions with modern technologies. Internationally, Pottery Direct supplies nurseries, exporters and wholesalers. Service,
innovation and customer-oriented work, are values that are important within the organisation. They are also central at Lybover.

Expanding production capacity
To expand its production capacity, Pottery Direct called on Lybover BULK to develop an EIRICH mixing installation. This installation transforms dry clay very quickly and efficiently into a homogeneous, mouldable clay mass, which is then further processed into a beautiful flower pot. EIRICH’s all-round industrial mixers combine several processes in one machine.

EIRICH intensive mixer offers total solution
The EIRICH intensive mixer ensures the most homogeneous mixture in the shortest time. Lybover BULK and EIRICH offer a complete solution from raw material to a high-quality end product. For many decades, EIRICH has provided cutting-edge technology to the ceramic industry for processing raw materials and components. Over the years, the system has been improved and refined, with some innovations in the ceramic industry only made possible by EIRICH’s innovations in both raw and fine ceramics. Starting from the analytical base, EIRICH already works with its customers to achieve an optimal process.

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