New test centre at Lödige GmbH in Paderborn (DE)

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Lödige GmbH, in the Benelux represented by Eskens, has invested in a new state of the art testing facility specifically focused on nutrition and pharmacy. Last year Lödige GmbH has celebrated its 75th anniversary last year and to serve their customers even better they chose for this expansion. That Lödige mixers, dryers, reactors and coating machines are popular in the industry is evident from the fact that in 2012 Lödige has achieved its second highest sales volume in 75 years.

The new test centre is built in Paderborn (DE), next to the older test centre, and is used specifically for research and experimentation in collaboration with customers in the field of food and pharmacy. The test centre is equipped with the most modern machines for processes like mixing, granulation, drying, coating and reacting. The testing facilities fully meet up to the high standards for the food and pharmaceutical industries in compliance with GMP conditions and the machines can be cleaned with WIP/CIP systems. The pilot machines are designed for small amounts of product and the results can be scaled up to large production machines with a process guarantee.

The Lödige Test Centres of more than 700 m2 provide trial capacity for more than 30 machines including a laboratory for physical analysis. The professional and scientific nature contributes to the fact that leading international firms also come to Lödige to develop new processes and formulas, or to optimize existing processes.
The enormous know -how which Lödige has built in its existence is available for the (potential) customers and has in many cases led to the purchase of Lödige process machines which help companies to produce under reliably and durable circumstances.

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