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Last modified: 8 May 2023

After many brainstorming, thinking, designing and developing now follows the share! We are proud to present you our new logo by Indumex B.V. Therefore also changes the house style and website by Indumex B.V.

Indumex B.V. is part of the Honing Beheergroep, in this Asset-Management Group are 17 national and international companies active.

Indumex B.V. is a company which specializes in electrical drives and air handling equipment.

In 1948, the Foundation for Indumex, and by now we have become a technical wholesale with a solid reputation and a wide range. Through our modern webshop you can easily order the goods that you need, you need personal contact or advice you can call us during office hours or visit our showroom. We have own production of fans and electric motors with production in Ireland, we are also technical wholesale with representation from various manufacturers! At Indumex you can be assured that you will get a product with the right price/performance ratio. We still repair and maintenance in our own workshop to all electric runs! Also the entire maintenance (on location) to your machines/buildings belongs to the possibilities.

Supplying electric motors, fans, actuators, pumps and speed controllers is our specialty, we can arrange this quickly in both three-phase motors, AC motors or DC motors. Take a look in the section Vendors in our new webshop and you will then see the various renowned brands such as e.g. Siemens, Techtop, Motek, Soga, RPM or Marathon, in addition you will find here also the so called low cost product such as Indumex Electric for when the pricing you playing tricks. Fans the same concept, drives the same, brands like Siemens, Bodine, Varvel. Variable speed drives of Teco, Hitachi or Siemens.

In short, for all electric motor questions you call Indumex
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Indumex-Electra Brandt B.V.

Technical wholesale company for electric motors, controllers, fans and drives. Various manufacturers including Siemens, Marathon, Techtop, Simotop, Omec, Indumex electric, Teco, Ecofit, Varvel and many others! Furthermore own production companies... Read more