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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Ensuring data integrity has become an important subject given the increasing importance of information security and the daily news about hackers and data breaches. The FDA and other inspection authorities are increasingly focusing on data integrity. But what does data integrity mean?

Data integrity has a significant impact on the quality of raw materials and end products. You always aim for the best quality of the product, but is your process fully transparent? Data integrity is all about the traceability of your products and data protection.

Risk management is key to achieve compliance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements. Step-by-step registration of your products results in traceable processes which helps to increase product reliability and to reduce risks. Guarantee the quality of your raw materials and end products by ensuring data integrity.

Which consequences for your operational processes do you need to consider and how can you achieve compliance with this revision? Mettler-Toledo is happy to help you find out.

Data Integrity Seminar
We would like to invite you to the Data Integrity Seminar to learn more about ’How to register all process steps?’, ’How to ensure that this information is secured safely and protected against changes?’ and ’How to deliver data to be compliant?’.

The seminar will take place on
20 March in Brussels (BE) and on
21 March the same topics will be discussed in Tiel (NL).
There is no registration fee.

We will kick-off with two plenary sessions where you will learn more about:
-Revision of ISO 9001
-Conducting Risk Assessments
-GWP® as resource to meet the ISO-requirements regarding your weighing processess

Key topics in this session are the meaning of the ISO-standard, how to interpret the guidelines and how to achieve a successful implementation. The scientific GWP® standard will assist you in defining the specific methodology and frequency of calibrations and verifications required by quality standards like ISO and GMP.

After lunch we will take a closer look on the subject and how we can assist you in ensuring data integrity in your processes. You can attend one of the following sessions:
-Data integrity in laboratories
-Data integrity in production
-Data integrity in serialization

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