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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Matcon specialises in providing efficient and flexible handling of powders using Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs). The Matcon IBC system delivers automatic powder handling and mixing, mainly for the Food & Pharmaceutical sectors around the world. Our mission is to work with our customers to provide Lean Materials Manufacturing systems, helping them to achieve increased productivity, improved process efficiency and reduced manufacturing costs.

The Matcon IBC System is especially suited to manufacturers who have a portfolio of products that are high in variety or contain allergens. The ability to blend without cleaning between recipe changes and the flexibility to send IBCs to whichever packing line is ready, means that manufacturing flow is optimised and output maximised, providing a good return on investment. The Matcon IBC system is designed to the highest hygiene standards, ensuring product integrity and food safety throughout the manufacturing process.

In pharmaceutical applications, Matcon’s unique Cone Valve technology enables the feeding of blended powders and granules directly to roller compactors and tablet compression without the risk of segregation. With a complementary Gentle Tablet Handling System, Matcon are also able to offer more efficient and effective tablet manufacturing capabilities, reducing the amount of labour intensive manual handling.

Matcon will have a variety of exhibits on display at Powtech this year – these include:-

Our revolutionary IBC Blender Intensifier – this adds High Shear to our blending capabilities, which has been proven to be extremely beneficial in the bakery sector for single stage blending and for recipes where liquid addition is required.

A scale model of a lean, flexible powder processing factory – this demonstrates how IBCs are used to transport material between manufacturing steps, so that each stage of the process is operating in parallel, enabling full production flexibility.

Operational Discharge Station Hopper – this will be a working exhibit showing how the Cone Valve discharge process is automatically regulated, delivering a consistent and controlled feed to downstream equipment, enabling it to operate efficiently and maximise throughput. This Valve has been proven again & again to overcome the traditional powder handling issues of Bridging, Rat-holing, Segregation and Degradation.

A Gentle Tablet Handling IBC – this is part of Matcon’s tablet handling system designed to minimise drop height, acceleration and impact of the tablets. This gives our customers the ability to gently handle up to 650kg of coated or uncoated tablets in a single IBC!

Whether you are planning to upgrade an existing facility or design a new one, we can help you to design the right system for your production requirements.

Visit us in Hall 4 on Stand 566 to find out how a Matcon IBC system can provide you with an efficient and flexible powder, granule or tablet handling system.

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