J-Tec designed and built a complete cacao blending line

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Two years ago J-Tec opened its Asian headquarter in Bangkok, Thailand, and the investment is paying off. An exquisite example proving our success in Asia is a recent project we’ve realized for a well-known producer of cacao products. This client asked us to engineer and build a complete blending line in a production facility in Samutprakan, Thailand, near to Bangkok. J-Tec provided an innovative solution for their process challenges and got the project.

The blending line mainly consists out of 4 different levels.

On the upper level several receiving hoppers (on weighing cells, with integrated filters) are fed by different pneumatic conveying lines.

•We’ve connected the first line to an existing dosing premix installation for the transportation of one specific premix. This line will be foreseen of product by additionally installed screw conveyors. In order to install these conveyors we needed to lift up the complete existing structure.

•The second line is connected to an existing screw conveyor underneath an existing silo.

•The 3rd line is responsible for the supply of sugar and milk powder, discharged from 4 FIBC discharging stations. These stations were already in use for an existing blending line. In order to use the same systems for the new installation, additional screw conveyors needed to be installed. This was quite a challenge, considering the limited available space underneath these stations.

On the second level, the products get dosed into a double shafted paddle mixer. Such a mixer generates two movements at once, providing a homogeneous mixture. The blender is also equipped with a trapdoor which ensures a quick discharge of the mixed product in an underneath receiving hopper.

At the penultimate level, a vibrating sifter is installed to exclude all irregularities out of the mixed product. An extra metal separator makes sure no metal comes into the end product.

In the last step of the process, the finished product gets collected into 4 receiving hoppers. The product gets equally distributed due to a clever setup of 3 screw conveyors, which ensures a continuous product flow.

In order to save costs and meet delivery times, we’ve decided to work with a local supplier for the manufacturing of the hoppers. All other equipment was built and shipped in from Europe.

A satisfied client and a smooth completion of the project made this a successful story.

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