Introduction WAB ECM-AP 05 laboratory mill by Eskens at SOLIDS2013 !

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

With the latest DYNO®-MILL type ECM-AP 05 LABORATORY mill is the WAB program of the ECM AP grinding mills even more complete!

After the revolutionary introduction of the highly efficient grinders DYNO®-MILL ECM AP types, Willy A. Bachofen AG Machine Fabrik ( WAB ) recently expanded the range with the LAB mill ECM AP 05.

A renewed grinding process at the highest level with proven performance in the field of dispersion, ultrafine nano wet milling and wet milling on thousands of installed ECM APs worldwide. The new separation system of the ECM -AP displays a unique forced recirculation of the grinding beads. The circulation of the beads is caused by the newly developed invert wall, that leads the beads to an axial flow over the screen. After the DYNO – DSE accelerator the beads immediately return towards the grinding chamber wall. Along with a number of other improvements , the new separation system provides numerous benefits for our customers.

regards to the large ECM-AP grinding mills, the newest ECM AP05 lab mill has the additional advantages of the possibility of batch size of 1 liter and the opportunity to scale-up to higher volume chambers for production. The design of the new DYNO®-Mill ECM-AP types is impressive, both in operation and technology. The most attractive aspect of this innovative series is the new WAB Separation System. This new series offers our customers all the benefits of the past, plus numerous benefits including :
• simple operation and easy cleaning
• change of the separation system without opening grinding chamber
• increased life of the screen
• recording of process parameters and guarantee reproducibility with WAB VIEW
• much higher throughput
• improved ability of processing highly viscous products
• longer life of the screen
• improved ability to handle foaming products
• grinding in the nanometer range
• possibility for fast product changes at low cost
• optimal suitability for the pass mode and circulation mode

Applicable in : agrochemicals – cellulose / pulp – printing inks – paints / coatings – ceramic / glass – food – life science – microbiology – pigments / dyes – nano applications .

Visit Eskens Benelux at the SOLIDS2013 exhibition on 2 & 3 October in Ahoy Rotterdam, booth E1009 .

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