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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Brabender Technologie continues to adapt their wide portfolio of bulk dosing solutions to the wishes of the market.
In addition to visual control via the control panel, visual control at the dosing unit itself will soon be possible even faster.
Brabender Technology brings a transparent vertical spout on the market for this purpose.

The new transparent vertical spout of PETG is a non-flexible plastic that remains dimensionally stable up to 90°C.
The material is food grade, FDA compliant and therefore ideally suited for the food industry.

Because the vertical spout is transparent, you can visually check at a glance whether there is a dosing flow.

The new transparent vertical outlet will be available in phases over the coming months, starting with the famous FlexWall FW40 and FW80.
This will be followed by the other types of dosing units

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