Eight Eirich mixing granulators for new fertilizer plant

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Two mixers are often deployed in parallel on a project in many industries. Installation of eight mixers at once on the other hand is something you do not see quite so often. EIRICH mixing granulators will be operating on eight production lines at a new NPK fertilizer processing facility. Worldwide demand for fertilizer continues to increase. This correlates with global population growth. Higher yields are needed from existing agricultural land.

Consumers also use large amounts of fertilizer, for example to keep their lawns looking like the outfield at a major league ballpark. A major German fertilizer producer, one of the world leaders in the industry, has awarded a contract to EIRICH for construction of a new facility to make a broad portfolio of granulated mineral fertilizer. Housed in a separate new building, the facility will process more than 20 components and will be integrated into the existing plant process flows. Besides mixing granulators, EIRICH will supply all of the dosing and control systems needed to process a variety of formulations.

Following extensive trials at the Test Center in Hardheim, the customer decided to place an order for EIRICH mixing granulators. The EIRICH mixers with rotating mixing pan and mixing tool which can deliver low to extremely high mixing energy as required are ideally suited for mixing and granulating as well as coating. The customer can produce a broad range of products at a consistent quality level with machines which are designed with the future in mind.

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