Bulk trade magazine and website Bulkgids bankrupt

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

On 12-01-2016 EIM BV (formerly Eisma Industrial Media BV), the publisher of the magazine Bulk and the website Bulkgids, has been declared bankrupt by the court in Leeuwarden.
The appointed curator is mr. R van der Spek of TripAdvisor Lawyers in Leeuwarden. The insolvency number of this case is 16 F 1.
EIM BV (formerly Eisma Industrial Media BV) had over 20 employees. Other publishings were Verpakking Totaal, Logistiek Totaal, Zakenauto, Bestelauto, Truck & Transport Management, Recycling Magazine Benelux, Products4Engineers, Metaal Magazine and Aandrijftechniek

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