A. Foeth B.V. looks back on a succesful ACHEMA 2018

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

ACHEMA 2018 took place in Frankfurt, Germany from the 11th till the 15th of June. ACHEMA is the leading trade fair of the process industry. As the largest dealer of used process equipment in Europe, A. Foeth B.V. had a presence at ACHEMA.

A. Foeth looks back on a successful exhibition. ”Our presence at ACHEMA has given us many interesting opportunities and insights.” says Erik Saat, Managing Director of A. Foeth. ”It was a perfect opportunity to speak to our relations and to gain a lot of new relationships. Everyone had some sort of presence at ACHEMA and many of the people you speak are also the people who make the decisions.”

At ACHEMA, A. Foeth not only talked to customers, but also had many conversations with process equipment manufacturers. ”A nice side effect of ACHEMA is the ability to strengthen our relationship with the well-known brands in the process industry. As a supplier and reseller of used process equipment, we have a special relationship with them. We ensure that their equipment remains in circulation and end up with a new owner. This means that sometimes you are a kind of competitor, but in general we contribute to the circular economy of the process industry. We place great value on maintaining our good relationship with these manufacturers.”

Everyone from the industry present at ACHEMA
Almost everyone from the process industry attended ACHEMA. From end-users to manufacturers and from suppliers to agents and brokers. A. Foeth is an important link in this chain. Not only because they buy and sell used process equipment, but also because Foeth helps relations in finding the right process machines. ”It is not always easy to find the right machines that are needed to set up a new production process. When you do this with completely new machines, this requires a huge investment. With refurbished machines, the same can be achieved at lower costs. But first you must be able to find the right used machine and then also make sure you find them at the right party. Somewhere you can feel confident that you will get a functioning machine. ”

A. Foeth is always willing to help their clients with this. ”Our clients know what they can expect from us. With more than 4,000 process machines, we do not only have the largest stock in Europe, we also have these in-house, we have our own workshop where we test these machines and, if necessary, refurbish them. We invite everyone who is interested in a machine to come and see the machine for themselves. They are welcome to have a look in our ’candy shop’ and see the quality of our machines with their own eyes. This creates trust in our products and company. ”

A. Foeth can look back on a successful ACHEMA 2018.

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