Universal Master belt scale BS221DB

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Master Engineering is specialist in belt scales systems in all kind of applications. More often, the universal Master belt scale, model BS221DB is been used. Two weigh arms, each with one loadcell, will be placed outside of the layers of the transport belt. Using this solution, the frame is in depended of the width of the belt and there is no need to mount parts between the belt. Easy to clean and friendly for service. Beside the frame, a belt scale has a speed pick up and weigh processor, which integrates the two signals into kg or ton per hour.

Beside this BS221DB scale, Mater has eight different other belt weigh frames, each for different application fields.

The delivery program of Master Engineering consists more: dosing belts, screw weigh systems, loss-in-weight systems, impact flow meters, bin weigh systems, batch systems and large displays,

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