Teco E510 Inverter available in IP66

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The new Teco E510 series is now widely available, this compact frequency inverter can be supplied in IP20 for installation in control cabinet, but also are available in IP66 version.

A compact, robust and versatile inverter with standard Modbus communications. The TECO E510 offers the most economical solution for industrial applications and OEMs.

– Power Range 1/3 phase (s) of 230Vac 0,37kW – 15kW
– Power range from 0.75kW 3-phase 400Vac – 18,5kW

32 bit processor with the latest sensorless vector control and soft PWM modulation function. Automatic carrier frequency and intelligent fan control minimizes audible ruis.Integrated EMC filter according to IEC / EN 61800-3.
Built-in Modbus RTU / ASCII via RJ45 port. PLC and PID functions as standard.
Supports Safe Torque Off (STO) and fire mode.
Parameter lock function. Built-in brake transistor as standard.

For higher powers there are other series available like the A510 and F510.
In short, with Teco its always good.

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