Select the Perfect Dosing Screw for Your Application

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Unbound fiber screw
Unbound fiber screw | Photo: SPS | Solids Process Solutions

Accurate dosing of powders, pellets, flakes, and fibers is a crucial aspect of numerous industrial processes. But how do you select the most suitable dosing screw for your specific application?

At SPS | Solids Process Solutions, we understand the complexity of this challenge and are here to guide you.

Three key variables for selecting the perfect dosing screw:

Shape of the bulk material and particle size: Whether you’re working with fine powders or coarser materials, we have the solution that meets your needs.

Bulk material characteristics: Each type of bulk material behaves differently. We understand these unique properties and can advise you on the ideal dosing screw.

Desired dosing capacity: Whether you require a high or low dosing rate, we have the right dosing screw for your production process.

Explore our main types of dosing screws:

  • Single-spiral screw:
    Ideal for many types of bulk materials, with adjustments for various conditions.
  • Single-blade screw:
    Robust and suitable for a variety of materials, with options for extra brake.
  • Fiber screw:
    For precise dosing of glass fibers, with a specially designed core and blade.
  • Unbound fiber screw:
    Perfect for fibers with varying lengths, thanks to the unique screw blade design.
  • Twin screws:
    For the most demanding applications, with solutions for adhesive powders and extremely free-flowing bulk materials.

Save time and reduce errors with our dosing screw selection chart

On our website, you can download a handy selection chart that will help you choose the right dosing screw for your bulk material. And remember, if you still have doubts, our experts are ready to provide you with personalized advice.

Choose precision, efficiency, and reliability in your dosing processes. Explore the world of dosing screws at SPS | Solids Process Solutions and make your production process smarter and more effective than ever before!

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