SCE designs and builds high-end storage facilities for the food and feed industry with installations in more than 70 countries around the world. To improve access to the SCE product and service portfolio for customers in the US, the Belgian-based company has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with SCOTT. The leading equipment and technology company will provide its sales and marketing expertise to empower sales on the US market. “High-quality industrial bulk storage is essential to have an efficient and reliable production facility”, says Pete Calderon, Head of Sales, at SCOTT. “SCE silos strengthen the SCOTT portfolio, giving our customers access to a broader portfolio of storage technology. The new patented mass flow system and bolt-free hygienic solution gives us access to new industries in need of this type of industrial storage.” “In the grain milling industry, for example, this premium solution offers an excellent strength-weight ratio with easy-to-install standard components. It is an alternative to traditional concrete slipform silos. This will result in a substantial saving on the overall installed cost.” “SCE wants to eliminate any form of waste in processing facilities”, says Andy Vanparys, Head of Business development at SCE. “SCE supplies the innovative possibility of integrating silo storage within a process building. The square silos are used in different grain milling industries like dry pet food facilities, flour milling and compound feed manufacturers. As well as the smooth wall product we also offer the corrugated walls, which are often used for free flowing products like coffee beans, rice, malt, seeds, etc.” SCE’s track record already involves more than 700 projects all over the world, including pet food and coffee projects in the US. “We at SCE share the ambition with SCOTT of finding the most efficient storage solutions for the client, making this partnership a win-win for both companies and most importantly benefitting the clientele served by both companies.” Scott Equipment Company is a leading processing and industrial equipment manufacturer and global provider of custom processing equipment for the animal nutrition, pet food and industrial markets. In 1966, R.V. (Dick) Lucas started a small feed processing equipment manufacturing shop in Jordan, Minnesota. Driven to produce custom, quality products for a diverse range of industries, Scott Equipment has grown to successfully supply processing equipment in numerous industries throughout the United States and many foreign countries. From our original feed processing equipment to our patented AST Drying System, Scott Equipment now designs and manufactures custom batch, as well as continuous mixing systems, blenders, coolers for ground material, size reduction equipment, product separation equipment and dry bulk storage bins. Our flexible design capabilities and completely custom manufacturing process allow our processing and mixing equipment the flexibility to work within a variety of industry applications including pharmaceuticals, food, agricultural, industrial and waste reduction applications. Contacts @ SCOTT Pat Leuer | Sales | +1 952-758-0432 | | Pete Calderon | Head of Sales | +1 817-819-8937 | Contacts @ SCE: Carl Strijbol | Head of Sales | +32 496 124338 | |