Safe, dust-free and smooth emptying with the drum funnels

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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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When emptying drums, funnels in stainless steel make the whole process dust-free and loss-free. The broad range of Bolz intec funnels runs from asymmetrical and symmetrical funnels to conical drum funnels.

Asymmetrical drum funnels are particularly useful for machines with restricted space, e.g. tablet presses. All products are produced individually or in small batches. Bolz intec is one of the leading manufacturers of asymmetrical funnels. Openings with inside diameters as small as 30 mm can be made from one piece. These can be used with all Bolz intec drums and also with drums from other manufacturers without loss of quality. The angle as well as the surface is freely selectable as bright-milled/2B, polished, or electro-polished. The material thickness is 1.5 mm. 60° and 90° angles in conical funnels is standard, but funnels can also be made according to specific customer requirements. This is where Bolz intec’s expertise and experience pays off. Bolz intec has been making a wide range of filling funnels for years that handle powders with lump breakers and integrated dust extraction, filling funnels with silicone cap, funnel container for storage and ointment filling, as well as different filling funnels for liquid and semi-solid media for renowned pharmaceutical companies.

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