RSA-Talke Tank Cleaning in Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone Dubai

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

RSA-Talke’s state-of-the-art chemical logistics park is in full operation now. This new location combines all the services needed to handle, store, clean, repair and test tank containers. Apart from handling empty tanks, there is a large depot, which includes modern firefighting equipment protecting the area where loaded tanks are stored.

With the first stage completed, RSA-Talke is now ready to start operations. The second phase will include a dangerous goods warehouse and a drumming facility.
The cleaning system installed was designed by Gröninger. It features two drive-through lanes that are subdivided into four cleaning positions. The drive-through bays are the first of their kind in the UAE and especially designed to clean containers that are mounted on chassis. This eliminates the need for lift-on and lift-off services and improves the turn-around time of the container. In addition the bays will eventually be used for tank containers from the depot.

Six multi-purpose positions are equipped for (latex) cleaning and heating. The containers are placed on a trolley and manoeuvred into position by a forklift. A special Gröninger Latex Circulation Unit is installed to circulate an alkaline based chemical to clean containers that are contaminated with latex and/or resins. Two positions are equipped with standard high pressure rotor jets. Four positions are dedicated for heating services where steam or electricity can be used. The steam system is controlled by a temperature sensor to protect the tank from overheating.

In order to comply with local waste water regulations and to reduce the consumption of water, which is a valuable commodity in the UAE, a comprehensive waste water treatment system was designed. The system includes various treatment stages, leading to water that can be partly reused in the cleaning system.

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