Roweflex 2-way diverter valve

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Down-pipe systems often require redirecting or discharging of product fl ows to
different processes. The Roweflex® 2-way diverter valve solves this problem in a
particularly effective manner by using a fl exible elastomer Y-tube.

Advantages of the Roweflex® 2-way diverter valve:
• Absolutely dust-proof
• No metal parts inside
• Self-cleaning due toe fl exibility
• Double seal on the switch bracket
• No cross-section reduction in the product area
• Available in ATEX version
• FDA-compliant Y-tube part available

Applications areas of the Roweflex® 2-way diverter valve in industry:
• Food products
• Pharmaceuticals
• Carbon black and tyres
• PVC processing
• Toxic media
• Colour pigment production
• Colour pigment processing

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