Retrofitting of Dosing Units is an Interesting Option

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29 January 2024
Revision of a control system
Revision of a control system | Photo: SPS | Solids Process Solutions

Kubota Brabender Technologie feeders, known for durability, can be retrofitted, extending their life and upgrading control systems. Cost-effective and reliable.Kubota Brabender Technologie feeders are robust and can take quite a bit of mechanical punishment. They still function defect-free after many years, even decades in service.

But feeders sometimes need to be overhauled and reconditioned, or their control systems have to be upgraded. Such retrofits give feeders a second lease of life.

Keeping pace with technological advancements

Rapid technological progress in electronics also has an impact on the control systems of feeders.
That is why upgrades may be necessary during the course of their – thoroughly long – service lives. A change in production processes may also require an overhaul. A retrofit order of this kind is a job for the Kubota Brabender Technologie “Retrofit” team. They are familiar with every dosing and control system, knowing how to repair, overhaul, and upgrade these old gems.

From Renovation of Parts to Control System Upgrades

There are three different retrofit scenarios:

  • refurbishment of the control system
  • the motor
  • individual feeder components

If it’s just the control system that’s affected, then a new control cabinet component incorporating the new control system is often sufficient. If the control systems of very old feeders need to be updated, then a full retrofit of the control cabinet is almost unavoidable. DC motors in old feeders can be replaced by new zero-maintenance three-phase motors with frequency converters. That saves power and does not require lubricants.

Retrofits are Cost-Effective

A retrofit is worth many customers’ while, despite the often long waiting times.
Compared to buying a new feeder, a retrofit costs only half as much, it cuts delivery lead times for spare parts significantly, increases production reliability and provides the customer with a high-end, state-of-the-art control system.

Curious if a retrofit is an interesting solution for your dosing installation? Contact SPS | Solids Process Solutions. We are happy to assist.

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