Accurate continuous dosing of 50 grams per hour is a great challenge. Dosing the smallest amounts of additives is one of the applications in the food industry. For this purpose Brabender Technologie has renewed the DDSR20 twinscrew feeder in hygienic design. Precision was the top priority in the development process. The innovations at a glance: 1) Two separate servo drives; one for the agitator and one for the screws separately adjustable. Advantage: effectiveness of the agitator greatly increased by independent speed control 2) Double concave screws with lower range Advantage: more equal dosing at low speed 3): load cell with 1:4.000.000 resolution Advantage: the greatest possible dosing accuracy 4):new 4-fold PTFE lipseal shaft seal Benefit: higher reliability and hygiene Hygienic design for less downtime The compact device has no sharp edges, corners or undercuts due to its hygienic design. The smooth surfaces allow quick and complete cleaning. The product components can be removed and replaced as one unit with one wing nuts without the use of tools. This makes it possible to change ingredients hygienically very quickly and easily. With the DDSR20 in hygienic design Brabender Technologie delivers innovative reliable high-accuracy dosing for applications in the pharmaceutical and food industry that combine technological expertise with a competitive price.