Pre-owned mixers often are an attractive option

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Lindor welcomes companies interested in a pre-owned gentle touch mixer. These mixers are available quickly and, after reconditioning, are supplied under guarantee. An ideal solution for companies with a limited budget or an urgent need for a mixer.

An increasing occurrence is that a company’s old Lindor mixer is still operating satisfactorily, but needs to be replaced due to increasingly stringent food safety requirements. In these cases, the customer has the option of exchanging the old mixer for a new one. Lindor then reconditions the old mixer, making it suitable for many years of service in other applications.

Superfast delivery
When a plant needs a mixer at very short notice, a reconditioned mixer may provide the perfect solution. Depending on circumstances and requirements, a pre-owned mixer can be delivered within two to four weeks. The delivery time for a new mixer is usually 16 to 20 weeks or longer.

From instant products to detergents
The very first mixer ever supplied by Lindor was recently given a new life under these circumstances. This mixer had spent 26 years mixing instant drinks powders for a company in the Netherlands. After reconditioning, this mixer is now used daily in a detergent factory in Germany.

A second life in food is also an option
The newer pre-owned mixers can also be given a second life in the food industry. The mixer may not meet the requirements for mixing baby food, but it is still perfectly suitable for use in mixing many other, less critical products.

Pre-owned price, yet fresh from the factory
Recently, Lindor built a new test facility, where a 750 litre test mixer has been set up to carry out mixing tests in collaboration with customers. This enables the customer to experience, in practice, how a Lindor mixer mixes its product. There are also test mixers with capacities of 10, 70 or 200 litres that may be used for a mixing test. Test mixers are replaced by a new mixer every two years. These fairly new, used test mixers are up for sale.

Lindor mixers are robust and have a long service life. Apart from a rotating drum,the mixers have very few moving parts. Naturally, Lindor offers a service for ordering the small number of wear parts. Maintenance can be carried out by Lindor engineers.

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