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About Lindor Products B.V.

LINDOR is engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of mixers for dry products. The optimal, absolutely fracture-free mixing of the product is where our mixers distinguish themselves from others. To achieve this we have developed the ’Gentle Touch’ mixing technique.

This gentle but thorough mixing and blending effect is achieved by means of internally fixed, aerodynamically –shaped blades. There are no moving parts inside the drum, which means even the most fragile products remain unharmed. Our mixers homogenise products very quickly at a exceptionally low energy cost (less than 2 W/kg).

We can also help you with heating, cooling, drying, coating or the optimal distribution of fluids through your product. To meet the requirements of our customers we can rely on a modern factory. In our test facilities in Dordrecht (The Netherlands), Japan, Malaysia and India you can try with your own product if our mixers are up to the task.

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