New INSTRUMENTS for Check Weighing

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

PENKO starts the New Year with the roll out of a complete range of state of the art instruments for check weighing. The range is available in three off-the-shelf, ready to use versions. All you need to do is to select the one relevant to your applications:
•Category X: determining the package mass; this is useful when determining the weight in price calculations
•Category Y: determining and comparing the weight within defined tolerances allowing you to choose between one or two automatic removal of packages from the process line. Either based on insufficiently filled packages i.e. volume, or to light or to heavy packages, i.e. weight.
•Dynamic weighing means that the weight determined is in motion as it moves along the process line or, Static weighing, where the package is stationary during the weighing process.

Due to the high internal resolution and the tremendous measuring speed, all three above options offer supreme weighing accuracy. You can select of a range of instruments:

Type 1020: basic model with LCD-display, three inputs and four outputs
Type FLEX-2100: touch screen operation, eight inputs and eight outputs
Type FLEX:touch screen operation, flexible number of inputs/outputs making every conceivable application possible

As a matter of course all PENKO instruments fulfil the European MID. A practical brochure is available for you convenience.

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