New European Standard Specifies the Use of Pressure Protection

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

The new EN1114-1 Class C European Standard in support of the implementation of the Machinery directive 2006/42/EC has been released on October 2011 and addresses the safety requirements for plastic and rubber extrusion machines. This novel standardisation document addresses the need for overpressure protection of extrusion unit barrel. As a result of the high level of reliability and simple installation the use of bursting disc devices is recommended. The use of bursting discs avoids the required use of sophisticated and safety-system certified pressure sensing systems and therefore results in lowest cost of ownership for these critical pieces of production equipment used in today’s plastics and rubber manufacturing industries.

As a renowned producer of Extruder Rupture Disc devices since more than 60 decades Fike offers a wide range of standard solutions to this industry application, with of-the-shelf solutions for most used applications. For specific non-standard applications a fast-track design is offered to accommodate.

As all Fike pressure relief devices these parts come with the mandatory PED-compliance certification (per Pressure equipment Directive 97/23/EC); other compliance certifications are available on request.

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