New Air jet sieve e200 LS

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

With the new air jet sieve e200 LS, Hosokawa Alpine has entered a new era in particle size analysis. An integrated minicomputer regulates, monitors and controls the entire sieving process. This brings time savings brought about by optimisation of the sieving times and reduced effort with periphery units as well as higher quality through automatic controls and default settings. Operation is easy and intuitive with the touch screen. The ergonomic design is functional and elegant at the same time. Hosokawa Alpine, the market leader on the sector of air jet sieves for over 50 years, has yet again set a benchmark in functionality and quality.

Alpine air jet sieve
The Alpine air jet sieve is worldwide the accredited and most-used standard analysis device for particle size analyses and particle quality control by means of dry sieving, for production monitoring and quality assurance as defined in ISO 9001.
The only thing that moves the material being analysed is the air flow. The strong jet of air exiting the rotating slotted nozzle purges the sieve gauze continuously. This leads to exceptionally short sieving times and ensures that even those materials which are known to cause difficulty can be sieved successfully.
A significant advantage compared to other common particle size distribution methods is the possibility to find very small amounts of particles that are relatively coarse compared to the bulk of the analysed sample. These particles for example can be result of chemical non homogeneity or malfunctioning of milling equipment. These may not be found with common methods but can cause significant problems in end applications like e.g. paints, coatings.

Suitable for all branches of industry
The outstanding market position of the Alpine air jet sieve is due to the high range of performance that is simultaneously combined with a high quality of results. The e200 LS delivers (at the same under pressure and same sieving duration) exactly reproducible particle size analyses in the range 10 µm to 4000 µm at any time. It is employed in almost all branches of industry, for example, for building materials, chemicals, pigments, foodstuffs, plastics and pharmaceuticals.

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