Netzsch announces acquisition Ecutec

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The Netzsch business Unit Grinding & Dispersing, with headquarters in Selb, acquired the company Ecutec barcelona SL effective December 2016.

Ecutec is a leading supplier of production equipment and process solutions for the dry processing of minerals. The company’s primary focus is ultrafine grinding and classification as well as special surface coatings of such products. Founded in Germany in 1996, Ecutec now has headquarters in Barcelona, where it employs a staff of 25.

The Netzsch business Unit Grinding & Dispersing is also active in the market for mineral applications with its Business Field ”Minerals & Mining.” With the acquisition of Ecutec, the company plans to intensify and expand its activities in this sector. Dimitrios Makrakis, General Manager of the Business Unit Grinding & Dispersing on this strategic decision: ”Ecutec has excellent process engineering know-how in the industrial processing of minerals, it possesses outstanding and highly efficient product technology and has therefore made a very good name for itself in the market. To that we bring primarily our knowledge regarding the wet processing of minerals, our international sales and production structures and our established market activities in this sector. We want to exploit these synergies and together successfully position ourselves in a market that will continue to grow in the future.”

Philip Barthelmess, Managing Director of Ecutec, also sees opportunities for growth and welcomes the merger of the two companies: ”Netzsch is a strong company, with which we feel we are in good hands both technologically and economically. With this partnership we can really take off.”

More information about the Netzsch and Ecutec program can be obtained from
E & R B.V. in Vlaardingen, agent/distributor and service provider for Netzsch grinding & dispersing and Ecutec minerals & mining in the Benelux area.

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