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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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The tiltable Mixomat c type drum blenders built by FUCHS Maschinen AG, Granges-Paccot are ideal for blending or pre-blending, homogenising, inking of components of powdery or granular, as well as liquid products.

Fully equipped with a Siemens plc control, a drive motor Made in Germany, a Swiss Made lifting drive, SpanSet belts type SP 200, and a stainless steel drum of 200 litres, the Mixomatc-SE ecoline is a premium product. An amazingly inexpensive solution for use in the industries with low margins products.
This blender provides the following functions: start, stop, drum lifting and depositing, setting the blending time and rotation speed.
The blender’s working principle is simple to describe: After filling to maximum 70% capacity, the drum is rotated around the machine axis for a certain adjustable time period. By tilting the drum and using a baffle under the cover, the mixing effect is intensified. This design guarantees gentle and residual free blending in contrast to many other blending processes.
Particularly in the dyes and paint industries, the Mixomat c-SE ecoline offers a number of considerable advantages: its cleaning is unproblematic, interchangeable blending drums, easy to operate the cleaning and guaranty a residual free and gentle blending of which is very easy by design. A further advantage of the Mixomat c-SE ecoline blenders lies in the fact guaranty a residual free and gentle blending, require only low maintenance and have long operating lives.

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