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Last modified: 8 May 2023
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Every day, products based on various premixes are manufactured in the foodstuff processing industry requiring the use of reliable blenders. An in-ternationally active food company was again considering the acquisition of a drum turner. Various drum blenders were under discussion. The decision was however made in favour of the tiltable Mixomat c-HE manufactured by FUCHS Maschinen AG, Granges-Paccot.

Why choosing a Mixomat c-HE among the numerous other blender types available on the market?
The various drum tumbler applications using Mixomat type blenders in many food companies generated a great deal of extremely positive feedback. Users like their compact design, the fact that they are easy to use and handle the product very gen-tly. Another decisive aspect in favour of the Mixomat c-HE was the possibility to use 200 litre drums, which are easy to handle with their special holder providing for ergonomic and effortless work.

The Mixomat c-HE is used to blend powdery products (premixes) with a grain size of less than 300 µm. The blender has a capacity of approximatively 60 kg, the fat content of the easy flowing to more rigid products is between 10 and 12 %. Some 25 batches can be blended in one week, the blending being carried out in a drying room.

The raw products are delivered to the drum blender site, weighed manually by the operator and then supplied to the PLC controlled blender. Starting and stopping the blending process, lifting and lowering the drum as well as setting the blending time and the speed of the drum can easily be done by means of the easy-to-use touchscreen. Up to 18 recipes can be selected with their blending time and rotational speeds for the drum. The blending process is easy to describe: the blending drum is filled to a maximum of 70 % of its capacity and rotated around its own axes during a preselected blending time. Because the blending drum is mounted at an inclined position on the drum holder, the blending effect is three-dimensional. An additional baffle mounted under the cover accelerates the blending process. Blending is carried out gently and free of residuals. After blending, the product can be delivered in batches to a large blender for further processing.

For safety reasons a very easy to use and well-proven HT-type holder with quick-action clamping fastener preventing any undesired opening during the blending pro-cess has been fitted to the machine.

Given these factors and the fact that the highly reliable Mixomat tumbling drum blender manufactured by FUCHS is used all over the world by the company, it was once again natural to work with a drum blender of the Mixomat c-HE type.
The Mixomat c-HE is the ideal machine for most demanding jobs. It is supplied with a tiltable, sealed shaft and a closed housing. By processing in a closed environment, the Mixomat c-HE can meet the highest standards of hygiene and hence is also good for cleanroom applications.

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