Measuring precisily leads to knowing exactly

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

In the Netherlands people live by the thought that measuring is the key to knowing. This grew from the wish to keep everything under control. Numbers don’t lie, so we measure everything. Even in the most popular sport in the Netherlands (and the world): football (soccer), voices are rising to take all variables in hand an rule out the factor of luck as far as possible. In this standardisation of circumstances is the solution, starting by making the field artificial grass instead of the unreliable natural grass. When this grass then is measured in quality and other parameters, a “standard” field is on it’s way. This now is made possible by Deltec, in close corporation with Armac!

The number of football fields with artificial grass is steadily growing, but is still a precious commodity for most clubs as well as community or public sport providers. Of course, grass needs a lot of attention as well, but also artificial grass only is optimised when installation is done right and maintenance is done in a sufficient way. This is of importance to create a perfect artificial field, that raises the pleasure of playing, lowers the chances of injuries and prolongues lifespan considerably. The light weight, handy and user friendly Club Set helps out sport clubs, sport sections as well as installation companies, that want to keep track on the quality of the playing field. The Club Set gives values on: ball rolling, vertical bounce of the ball, infill level (thickness), shock absorption, vertical deformation, energy restitution and surface evenness.

Part of the Club Set is the Club Tester, in which Armac stood at the basis of the extreme precision to measure the exact values of a simulated descend of a foot on the field and the various behaviours of the artificial grass at that moment. Due to the high demands on the precision of measuring, Armac could bring it’s creativity in hardware and software engineering to a full potential.

The close cooperation between Deltec Metaal from Mook (idea, project owner) and Armac from nearby Andelst (electronics and software) in the Netherlands has resulted in a way to refer simply taken artificial grass field variables to the official guide lines of the FIFA. This way one can follow the international standard. With the Club Tester a field is monitored and so injuries are minimized and the club enjoys longer a perfectly kept artificial grass field.

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