KSE receives order automation upgrade DZ-Six

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

KSE receives order for a PROMAS ST automation upgrade for DZ-Six Animal feed. The upgrade provides a future-proof automation. In addition, this upgrade realizes optimization of the communication between the various equipment and software.

DZ-Six Animal feed bought her first version of PROMAS ST nine years ago. With the latest version of PROMAS ST, DZ-Six Animal feed is ensured of a future-proof factory. End-of-life is history with this future-proof automation with infinite upgrade possibilities.

The upgrade also realizes lower costs of the service contract. Next to that, the software for the recipe optimization communicates even better with the grinding and mixing line, which makes the cost price of the products more transparent.

PROMAS ST controls both the intake as the grinding and mixing line of DZ-Six Animal feed. With the upgrade she’s properly prepared for any changes or expansions in her factory, now and in the future.

DZ-Six Animal feed
The mission of DZ-Six Animal feed is to increase the result of the farmer in Central and West Netherlands by supporting farmers with their entrepreneurship. DZ-Six Animal feed wants to be the sparring partner for cattle and pig farmers in Central and West Netherlands. This by tuning her products and advices on long-term objectives with her clients.

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