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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Hosokawa Micron has entered into a partnership with Duursma W&O in Arnhem, the Netherlands, for the supply of customised FAG SmartCheck vibration sensors. These customised sensors give Hosokawa Micron’s customers the ability to draw on in-depth knowledge specific to Hosokawa Micron’s drying, mixing and agglomeration technologies on a continuous basis. This is an important development for all of Hosokawa’s customers, one that takes preventative maintenance to the next level.

The FAG SmartCheck is a continuous monitoring system designed for measuring classic and vibration-based process parameters. It provides real time monitoring of Hosokawa drive-unit components like bearings, gears, wormshaft etc., the temperature, electrical currents and has an integrated alarm interface. “We have incorporated our in-depth knowledge of Powder Processing Technology, preventative maintenance and our customers’ applications with the intelligent monitoring capabilities of the FAG SmartCheck. This means we can tailor the use of these sensors to our customers’ specifications, and ensure they keep track of the condition of their machinery in real time,” explains Sales Engineer Jeroen Ravestein.

“With this new tool, we can help customers take their preventative maintenance to the next level. We currently dispatch our experienced Hosokawa service engineers to calls for on-site advice, engineering and training and our services are already geared towards identifying potential problems before they cause any unnecessary downtime. However, with the introduction of the SmartCheck, our clients will be able to identify problems much earlier, creating room for better scheduling and savings on potentially unnecessary replacements and repairs.”

The SmartCheck provides real time monitoring of 9 parameters and has an integrated alarm interface which can be connected to a simple traffic light system or a PLC. It comes with software for your PC as well as a free app for tablets, i-pads and smartphones. “This system alerts controllers to early signs of wear: imbalances, misalignments and temperature variations, and takes away the guesswork,” adds Sales Engineer Jochem Venderbosch. “We are hoping this new addition to our Service & Support toolkit will create considerable benefits for our customers in maximising support and optimising their processes even further.”

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