JesCheck Carrousel for weighing of small bins, bott and cans

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Jesma BV introduces the JesCheck Carrousel for weighing and sorting out products
This checkerboard is designed with focus on flexibility and optimization of existing product lines.
The checkweigher optimizes a given production as weighing and sorting is directly integrated into the product line.
The solution is very flexible and can be installed anywhere where cans/tins and similar
Products that are moving on a conveyor have to be weighed without interrupting the product flow.
The checkweigher operates in a rotating cycle, which is optimal when weighing
products with a less stable base. the checkweigher is very suitable for product lines, where products are to be weighed at high speed with very small tolerances.
Accuracy, reliability and ease of integration make this checkweigher the ideal
weighing solution for product lines where no “traditional” checkweigher can be fitted.

The JesCheck Carrousel is compact and almost maintenance free, as it only consists of one move-able part – the carousel.
The weighing is static, as the products are standing still during weighing which gives a
High accuracy of +/-0.1 – 0.5 g depending on speed and product.

The possibilities are many when it comes to choice of control system, and several different types of interfaces can be chosen.

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