Innovation: MicroNIR PAT-W process spectrometer

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Viavi, a pioneer in optical sensors, has another great innovation in the area of spectometry: the new MicroNIR PAT-W process spectrometer. The Micro-NIR PAT-W is a robust, scalable next-generation system for real-time process monitoring when it comes to measuring the homogenity of a mixture, moisture content, density, content uniformity and other process analysis (PAT) applications.

Unlike other NIR spectrometers, MicroNIR does not use moving parts to filter light, but Viavi’s Linear Filter Technology on foil (LVF). The coating on the foil reduces wavelength compared with traditional coatings and provides a deeper suppression of ambient light, allowing very accurate measurement. This technique is also durable, because it no longer works with moving parts, and is much cheaper to produce. LVF makes it possible to reduce an analysis device to the size of a golf ball.

Process Analytical Technologies is a well-known concept in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, but is less known in the food industry.
The new MicroNIR PAT-W process spectrometer also contains an orientation sensor which also makes the instrument suitable for (rotating) mixing applications, so that it can be determined exactly when the turning cycle is to be measured and it is possible to determine exactly when the mixing is complete.

PAT is about design, analysis and control of different steps in the production process, through identification and monitoring of critical process parameters. This can lead to increased process efficiency, reduced production costs and higher quality and safety of the end product.

Every pharmaceutical manufacturer makes the formulation and therefore every pharmaceutical production site needs at least 1 of this NIR spectrometers. More plausible is some spectrometers (5 to 10). Furthermore, the food industry, where mixed, forms a great potential.

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