Hosokawa guest speaker at Lyophilization Conference

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

A faster and less labor-intensive freeze drying process that produces loose and free-flowing powder at low temperatures and low pressures, all in one vessel. That is what Dr. Ir. Kay Imole, process technologist and researcher at Hosokawa Micron in the Netherlands, will be speaking about at the upcoming Lyotalk conferences in Amsterdam and Dublin.

With a background in mechanical engineering, Dr. Imole’s current research includes the optimization of Hosokawa’s lyophilization technology and the transition to a fully continuous process. “Early experiments operated at low temperatures and low pressures showed that it is possible to obtain an efficient freeze drying process. Every time the result was a lump-free, free-flowing product”, Imole explains.

Active Freeze Dryers exhibit a much better heat transfer rate than convential tray freeze dryers, due to the continuous motion of the product. This shortens the drying process because the dried product no longer hinders the sublimation.

Finally the freeze drying process is simplified because all process steps take place in a single processing unit instead of handling trays filled with product between freezing units, drying chambers and crushers. This results in easy handling of the product especially when compared to traditional tray dryer equipment.

Sterile operation is made easy as the complete process cycle is done in a single contained vessel.

About Lyotalk
Lyotalk 2018 is Europe’s largest annual conference on Lyophilization/Freeze Drying. The event covers a wide spectrum from formulation, Development, Production, manufacturing and regulatory affairs topics such formulation strategies, Scale-up, cycle development & optimization, Regulatory compliance, Quality by Design (QbD), PAT process design, Ice Nucleation, Case studies & troubleshooting, New developments in freeze drying, Process development for generics, proteins, biologics and vaccines.

Amsterdam : 26 & 27 March
Dublin : 11 & 12 June

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