Grounding Station for Static Grounding Clamps

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

ATHEX`s range of certified static earthing clamps can now be specified with a new Grounding Station. The Grounding Station provides an identifiable location for equipment or plant items that require earthing protection from the hazards of static electricity.

Up to two Newson Gale static earthing clamps can be connected to the Grounding Station which is, itself, connected to the site earth. If more than two items of plant equipment require static earthing protection, multiple Grounding Stations can be interconnected to provide a secure and reliable path to earth.

Made from stainless steel the stations can be mounted in operating environments ranging from clean rooms to corrosive atmospheres. The Grounding Station also provides operators with an ideal location to stow the earthing clamps when they are not in use.

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