ATHEX Industrial Suppliers

About ATHEX Industrial Suppliers

ATHEX Industrial Suppliers offers a wide range of products and services aimed at both industrial as hazardous (ATEX) environments.

ATHEX Industrial Suppliers is a versatile company, with a fixed value in the industry. Anyone can appeal to our values-driven way of doing business so that we can strive for a strong trust with our customers.

By constantly thinking along with the customer, and by feedback from the different sectors in which we operate, we design tailor-made solutions. Through customized advice, tips, and by providing qualitative information we want to do more than the normal servicing of the customer.

We deliver solutions in following product areas:
Grounding materials & antistatic equipment
Elimination of static electricity by electrostatic earthing & ionization

Mechanical safety devices for tank farms: breathing valves, flame arresters,…

Industrial heating
Electrical industrial (ATEX) heating
Industrial burners, sensors, and controllers

Explosion safe & industrial materials
Industrial/ATEX (LED lighting, Exd/Exe boxes, installation materials,…

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Fraser Anti-Static

Ionising equipment to neutralise static electricity on non-conductive parts

Newson Gale

The most comprehensive product package in hazardous area static control.

Durag Group

Intelligent solutions in the fields of combustion technology, environmental monitoring, data management and tunnel sensors

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