Gericke & Indus WINS Innovations Award for the new Gericke/Indus Big Bag Pallet Unloader

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Gericke has engineered and designed a Big-Bag Pallet Unloader in collaboration with Indus, for the Neva stackable pallet to ensure optimal unloading of all powders (including poor flowing materials) in your factory. At the recent Solids trade fair in Antwerp (November 2022), the team received the jury award for best innovation!

And that’s a key to today’s challenges: creating innovate products that are up to date with the latest industry requirements and trends can be difficult.

Gericke and Indus, both well respected companies in the industry saw a gap in the market and decided to invest time and money to help customers become more sustainable, flexible and work more efficiently within their factories.

The engineers at Gericke were excited to work alongside the Indus team to expand the market versatility of the Indus Neva pallet. These pallets are a practical design that offers a highly efficient method to reliably store, transport and discharge products from big bags.

Discharging products is not so easy when you have difficult flowing products, low height building requirements and want minimal wastage and short turnaround times. The innovative unique design of the Gericke/Indus Big Bag Pallet Unloader is a modular based purchasing system which can have a combination of a vibrating motor, pneumatic under massagers and stretch system.

These different modular options are decided based on your product flowability. The more difficult the product the more modular options you would require. And another big asset is that these unloaders are suitable for low building height requirements from 2.6 meters and up.
These products have been engineered for safety and efficiency in mind and can comply with the latest hygienic requirements and certifications. Gericke can also supply all bulk handling equipment up to the next process.

About Gericke
The Swiss Gericke Group has been designing and manufacturing equipment and systems for modern
bulk material processes, as well as providing design and consultation services, for more than 128 years. Gericke bulk materials processing technology can be found throughout the world in many sectors including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics and construction material industries.
Gericke’s fully owned group companies employ more than 300 experienced professionals and are located in Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, The Netherlands, France, USA, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

About Indus
Since the foundation in 2004, the Dutch Indus has been specialising in big bag handling for industries where bulk materials must be processed and stored as safely and efficiently as possible. Our modular big bag handling solutions can be used as a stand-alone for stacking big bags and safe logistics, or used in combination with unloading frames when materials must be processed further.

Indus products are used in the food industry, chemicals, plastics, and many more. By using our partner network, we can distribute products worldwide.

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