Flat foil machine Essegi F1300 Motion

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Since years Essegi is one of the leading companies concerning big flat foil machines.
The F1300 Motion was launched during the latest Ipack Ima fair in Milan.
This new machine is especially fast with a speed of 1800 bags per hour for 50 liters or 25 kg bags. This machine runs continuously through servo controlled horizontal sealing bars.
The main charecteristics of all Essegi machines such as solid, easy in use and maintenance and high flexibility can of course also be found on this machine.

Brand: Essegi
Type: F1300 Motion
Packing: flat foil
Speed: 1800 bags per hour (30/minute)
Controll: B&R

The F1300 Motion is suitable for the packing of all kinds of products such as compost, salt, fertilizers, sands and gravel, …

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