Filcoflex proudly introduces the Sure fit Line

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The Sure Fit Line is a new series of highly innovative flexible connectors.

Sure Fit Line products are very easily mounted with a quick connect clampring. This creates an air- and powder-tight seal with a very smooth surface and profile on the inside. This makes these connectors verry suitable for CIP cleaning.
The air- and dust-tight connection of these flexible connectors keeps your work environment neat and clean.
This can significantly save on your cleaning costs, and can keeps your factory nice and clean. The product loss is greatly reduced this way, wich also improves efficiency.
The smooth flow profile and the air- and dust-tight properties of these flexible connectors elliminates all product build ups. Hygiene is thereby greatly improved. It’s verry easy to clean because there are no corners, edges, crevices or openings that you can’t reach during cleaning. This makes these flexible connectors ideal in CIP cleaning.

The flexible connectors are mounted with proper clamping rings, wich makes you entire system airtight in vacuüm and pressurised systems. Violent vibrations or movements are absolutely no problem for the flexible connectors or the hose clamps.

Because all flexible connectors in the Sure Fit line can be produced out of different types of flexible materials our static dissipative transparant Poly Urethane film is just one of the many options.
A long duration is guaranteed because we use only the best materials.

For detailed information please take a look at our new website, here you can also find all our other products.

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