Felleskjopet Bregneset chooses KSE for the complete factory automation

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

Recently, Felleskjopet replaced its old PLC control by PROMAS ST factory automation from KSE Process Technology. This was realised within the planned schedule so production could proceed rapidly.

The Norwegian company mainly produces cattle feed and several special feed. `PROMAS ST is the right choice for us because it optimizes the process control and stock management significantly,` says the Project Manager from Felleskjopet. `In addition, our truck drivers can now easily load trucks on their own,` he continues. `With the Track&Trace function within PROMAS ST we can precisely trace the raw materials used in the end product, and vice versa. This allows us and our customers to ensure feed safety.”

The automation is acquired for controlling the entire plant. Through the Reporting and Track&Trace functions, PROMAS ST is not only a tool to control the plant for Felleskjopet but it’s also a tool for the management to let the production process work as well as possible.

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