Expansion of test facilities for pneumatic conveying

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Last modified: 8 May 2023

In the second half of 2015, Dinnissen Process Technology invested in and expanded their own D-Innocenter test plant. The existing set-up for tests with pneumatic conveying is one of the facilities that has been upgraded. With the latest additions to the D-Innocenter, Dinnissen Process Technology now can offer an even more extensive range of tests for pneumatic conveying. All aspects can be tested, including dense phase, dune phase, and dilute phase. These can be performed on either vacuum or pressure systems, and with or without air assist. The total length of pipework available has been extended and now comes to around 120 meters, with diameters varying between 50 to 110 mm. A new powder-flow tester increases the understanding of the processed product. Combining these facilities with the comprehensive analysis-equipment for powder and bulk materials, as well as the design and calculation software available to Dinnissen, it makes for a set-up where full scale testing can be offered.

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