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Last modified: 8 May 2023

How do you make someone explain the properties of the bulk material when it is practically not measurable data such as product type and flow behavior? In order to select the right knowledge of a product feeder is indispensable. In addition to matters such as bulk density, particle size, temperature, pressure and dosing are mainly the product type and the flow behavior essential data. The product type and flow behavior are difficult to classify in practice; this are not specify any standards. What calls the n powder, calls the other grain. What is a normal flowing product in the perception of one producer, is the other manufacturer with a very good running product and so we can still mention a few examples. Feeder Scout as a tool for classifying product type and flow behavior The online program Feeder Scout is a simple tool to classify product type and flow behavior and capture. Thus it easier to select the correct feeder. Moreover, it is thus possible to communicate this information transparently with colleagues, suppliers and customers. How Feeder Scout? Operates on the page contains blue active Information icons behind type and flow characteristics Product type type when we take as an example, the following headings are visible: powder pellets crushed ingredients regrind film regrind fibers. Each section shows a picture as an example. The description will include the borders in particle size and framing the said product type Flow characteristics Flow Behavior describes nearly 20 categories including:. Fluidizing restricted flow ability bridging sticky compressing electrostatic adhesive Photos, description and a film make clear what current behavior concerns. This allows you to properly compare and classify the flow behavior of your product. Often your powder is a mix of these categories; it is important to determine the dominant behavior and subordinate acts as additional effects of downgrading. Classifying bulk properties reduces misunderstandings and eventually leads to the optimal choice of process-equipment including dosing.

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